Your Dream Beach Weddings in Koh Samui

beach-weddings-koh-samuiWeddings are a festive event and are a hallmark in a person’s life. Getting married is something really big and must be planned accordingly. A Thai wedding has become very popular among couples who come to the tropics to get married. While Western weddings are still a dream for many, some couples who want to experience a traditional Thai wedding actually come to the country to tie the knot.

Here are some of the reasons why a Thai wedding is a top pick among soon to be married couples.

A Traditional Thai Wedding is the best way to get into the Thai culture.

A mark of a place’s culture and tradition is marriage. The way two people tie the knot and celebrate their union as a couple is a big reflection of the native people’s way of life. In Thailand, a marriage is an important ceremony and consists of two parts. There’s a solemn ceremony led by the monks and the marriage itself is a legal contract. Getting married in Thailand is one thing a couple will remember for always. Apart from the exotic location, the warm people and the overall atmosphere, Thailand has a unique tropical vibe best suited for saying your “I do.” Buddhist wedding traditions will add a nice element to the couple’s once in a lifetime union, making a Thai wedding an affair to remember.

Thai wedding traditions are very colourful and are something worth remembering.

A Thai wedding is known to be solemn and is held with flair. It is both festive and religious, and is known to be of a very high regard. If the couples are tourists, they would surely be able to appreciate the Buddhist wedding traditions incorporated in the event like the blessing of the monks, the parade, and the colourful ornaments. The experience is a binding moment for the couple and is something to be remembered by the guests. Overall, a beach weddings Koh Samui are enriching and is something worth experiencing.

Thailand has the most superb wedding venues.

Over the years, Thailand has made a name for itself as one of the world’s most popular exotic locations for a dream wedding. Thai weddings are bound to be special especially when held at a prime location where the beautiful beach can serve as a backdrop. Imagine saying your vows in a place dominated by the tranquil aquamarine waters and tall coconut trees. Thailand has all the best locations for your dream wedding. You can have it in an island, in a five star hotel, in a boutique hotel, or at an exclusive wedding resort. With so many options available for couples, finding the best wedding location is a cinch.

Marriage Advice

marriage-adviceMarriage may begin with a wedding day, but it needs commitment and nurturing in order to last a lifetime. Here is some marriage wisdom that may help you keep those wedding day vows.

  • Marry someone that you enjoy listening and talking to because a lifetime is a long time to spend with another.
  • Compliment more than you criticise.
  • Kiss and hug often.
  • The word sorry can go a long way.
  • Always make time for just the two of you, regardless of what other commitments you have.
  • Communicate with each other, honestly, respectfully and fairly.
  • Consider whether it is more important to be right or to be married? Sometimes you can just agree to disagree.
  • Don’t under estimate the value of a good laugh together.
  • Before starting an argument, consider if it’s really worth it.
  • Remember that it is ok to do things differently.
  • Never compare your marriage to others or each other to another.
  • Don’t go to bed angry at each other.
  • Keeping secrets is a recipe for disaster.

Remember you have chosen the one you love, now it is your job to love the one you have chosen. Marriage is about sharing a life of experiences together and enriching one another. Love and support them through the good and the bad times for marriage is about being connected to another in a bond like no other.

Bridal Showers

bridal-showersTraditionally, a bridal shower is a party thrown before the wedding for the bride to be to, co-ordinated by the bridesmaids, where guests offer gifts for the bride and groom for their new home. These days a bridal shower is more a time to pamper the bride to be.
The latest trend in bridal showers is to throw a theme party, a stylish luncheon or a swish cocktail party. But, a bridal shower should keep the bride’s interests in mind and celebrate the bride’s personality and style.

Here some ideas to help inspire you:

Chocolate Party:
If you have a bride that is a total chocoholic, maybe you could have a chocolate and champagne party. Yum!

Wine Tasting:
If she is really into her wines you could go on a wine tasting tour, complete with gourmet lunch. Guests could extend the bride and grooms wine cellar by each giving a bottle of wine as gift.

High Tea:
For the sophisticated bride to be organise a divine afternoon tea of scones, cakes and slices with tea and coffee. There are many gorgeous cafes that can cater to this type of occasion and set the right atmosphere.

Pamper Party:
To really relax the bride, and everyone else, organize a pampering afternoon of massages, facials, manicures. You could hire a beauty therapist, beauty party consultant or get a few friends to do the pampering. Alternately, you could hold it at a day spa where guests can choose their favourite pampering options. Guests could give the bride beauty products such as massage oils, hand creams and mud masks.

Bridal Showers

For the bride who loves her sun and surf a tropical themed party could be the answer. Serve sensational cocktails, fruit platters and finger foods.

The main things to remember when organizing a bridal shower is that an intimate get together, keeping the guests numbers low, usually works best for all involved, that the event is relaxing and fun, and most importantly – the bride has no planning to do, she has enough on her plate already, this is her chance to relax!