On the constant lookout for new spots to photograph

Yet another day, every morning I find myself constantly looking for something new and exciting to photograph! Recently I have found myself particularly focused on sunrise and sunset scenery. The way the colors mix in the sky I find enchanting, all of the reds, yellows, and oranges mixing in harmony.

Years ago I focused on more moving targets, family portraits, animals, etc.. but now at 40 years old I am finding peace in the little things that surround me every day. The things that are often taken for granted, or simply over looked. There is no greater painter than mother nature.

Airplane window

I am considering doing some traveling soon to see what I can capture threw this good old lense of mine. Possibly the sands of Florida, possibly Destin Beach? I know it is popular for vacation goes, but their presence with a back drop of nature would be the an amazing combination. Nothing staged or rigid of course but rather everyone candid. Unaware that the photo is even being taken. Those are my favorite. Having everyone turn to smile for the camera just seams to strict.

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An interesting article about peanuts

Hello my dear reader and welcome to yet another amazing blog post. I want to announce to you that I today have bought some new stuff! It is not a tripod, not a lens, not another camera body but it’s…. tatatataa SOFTWARE. Yes, I bought some new state-of-the-art software to become better at video-editing and making everything look smooth. The new software is called Sony Vegas. It pretty much does all I want and it’s extremely flexible. But that’s not all, I bought some more! I also recently purchased Adobe After Effects, which is another great video-editing application. Both these programs have really helped me a lot to become better at video-editing and I have already booked some nice progress. On top of that, I have enrolled myself in a course where a lecturer will teach about photography and video-editing. This is going to be a busy month!

But as I mentioned before, this is not all I want to share with you guys today. I actually wanted to talk to you guys about a recent discussion I had last week with a friend, she claimed that peanuts grow underneath the ground on the root of the peanut plant. At first I thought she was joking but she insisted that she was right and told me to look it up on the internet. Now I have NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER with botany or gardening in general so I kind of took her word for it but I also wanted to make sure it was true. I found this website on the internet about peanuts that practically describes the growth process of the peanut plant. And I indeed found out that the peanut itself (which apparently is called the kernel) is grown underground.

I had not that much to do that day so I decided to browse the website some more and I actually discovered some really nice and fun facts about peanuts, so I decided to share some of that with you guys, after all: education is king. So one of the first things that struck me when I visited growpeanuts.com was the information on how one can grow their own peanut plant. That is so awesome! They neatly describe a step by step process on how you can purchase peanuts at the supermarket (unroasted ones of course), put them into the ground, water them sufficiently and eventually grow your own peanuts. That is pretty cool! Another great source for growing your peanut plants is the following page on the website of the University of Florida: http://gardeningsolutions.ifas.ufl.edu/giam/plants_and_grasses/grasses_lawncare/perennial_peanut.htm

Another piece of information that I really enjoyed reading was the article about the nutty numbers (which is part of the peanuts: the numbers episode). In these articles they explain the numbers provided by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) concerning the growth of peanuts in the United States. Although I’m not a US resident this was still really nice to read. I would have never guessed that for example the state of Georgia (which is a pretty unknown state to me) is THE major peanut producer in the entire United States and the main distributor of the nut around the world. Another article that really appealed to me was the article on almond trees. I had always put both peanuts and almonds in the same category: nuts, right? Well, no, that’s wrong. Peanuts are, technically speaking, not nuts but legumes!

An amazing image of the flower that emerges from the peanut plant

Last but not least, they also feature an article about the different types of peanuts. I had literally no idea that there was more than 1 kind of peanuts. I mean, when you go to the store and you ask for peanuts, well, you get peanuts, that’s it. Apparently there exist over 4 different types of these odd shaped nuts and they are all used for different purposes. For example the Spanish peanut is mainly used for manufacturing peanut butter while the runner peanut is the one that is often used for roasting (those are the ones that you eat on your couch watching a great movie).

A funny picture of a monkey eating a peanut

Anyway, I hope you guys liked this little article about peanuts. I you want more information I suggest you look here and here. The last link points to the State University of Oklahoma where they have a great article about peanuts. I definitely recommend you visit both websites. The one that I mentioned first is a bit easier to grasp as it is written in a non-academic style. However, if you are looking for a more academic source I recommend you read the last one. Have fun learning!

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Welcome to my brand new blog!

Hello, my name is Dinendra, and welcome to my photography, videography and informational articles weblog! I have recently created this weblog with the purpose of doing a variety of things which I will list underneath here. First I will you a quick introduction about myself. As I already mentioned my name is Dinendra, I love making photos, videos and editing them. Snapping photos is not only my work, it is also my hobby. Together with my family I often visit spectacular destinations. I have recently been to London (I’m not from London myself), Rome, The Netherlands, Paris, Venice and many more special places.

Driving around in my Volvo

When I’m in the UK I drive myself around using my Volvo V70 which goes pretty much everywhere (except for the fact that currently my navigation or GPS is not functioning properly, will come back to that later on). I’m currently living off my work as a photographer and videographer. I try to sell images that I shot online using various websites. I also work as a private photographer at corporate events. Currently I own a bunch of different cameras and different lenses. For most of the videography I actually use the same high-end DSLR cameras that I use for regular photography, just with different lenses.

Magical places for photography

As you could read on the about me page, there are several spots that truly grab my interest. For some reason, these spots are just magical and can really look awesome on a photograph. First of all the beach, when you take a photo of the beach it is almost always perfect, you can basically hear the waves by just looking at the picture. Another thing that really fascinates me are large cities such as New York, London and Los Angeles, especially during the evening and with a little rain the streets can convey a magical feeling which looks really good on a picture. My final favorite spots are subway stations (or, as we say here in the UK: the underground), for some reason the tube has always been something that I have been really attracted to, it just looks really awesome and riding it makes you feel independent and mobile. Plus, you meet a lot of remarkable people while riding the tube: people with every color, every age, different hairstyle, you name it! In my opinion the tube is one of THE best places to take pictures.


More about this blog

Now a little bit more about this particular blog. I write this blog not to showcase my own pictures but merely the pictures of others that I find intriguing. I will also try to write different articles on photography and video-making. Maybe later I will add some articles on editing as well. Another category of articles that I will publish on this website are educational or informational articles. Sometimes I find a really good website and I will try to blog about that. In fact, after photography learning is probably my most favorite thing to do, I have a gazillion books at home that I LOVE to read when I’m not busy taking pictures of everything. Finally I will also post some articles on services that I dig, sometimes things are not going the way as planned (you lose a tire, you damage or video camera or your GPS fails you) and looking for the best repair shop might be a bit of a hassle. That’s why I decided to write some recommendations of different service companies that will definitely help you finding the best service you need.

Well, that’s it for now. I will try to update my blog quite regularly but I might forget it sometimes. If you have any questions, tips, suggestions or comments feel free to send me an e-mail using the contact form.

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